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BA in the Practice of Statistics

This program requires 49 credits plus second language.

Prerequisites prior to Admission to the Major

STAT 3011 or Stat 3021 with a grade of C- or higher

Second Language/Cultural Competence

4 semester courses (CLA standard requirement) in second language


MATH 1271 or MATH 1371 or MATH 1571H – Calculus I (4 cr)

MATH 1272 or MATH 1372 or MATH 1572H – Calculus II (4 cr)

Linear Algebra


Computer Programming

CSCI 1113 – C and C++ (4 cr)

Required Statistics Courses

STAT 3032 - Regression and Correlated Data (4 cr). If you took STAT 3022 prior to Fall 2015, you may substitute STAT 3022 for STAT 3032 in your major. However, you must also take STAT 5302 before you can enroll in STAT 3701. Students in this situation may include STAT 5302 as 4cr of their statistics electives.

STAT 3701 - Introduction to Statistical Computing (3 cr),. Prerequisite 3032 or 5302 and CSCI 1113

STAT 4051 - Applied Statistics I (4 cr). Prerequisite STAT 3701 and (STAT 4101 or STAT 5101)

STAT 4052 - Applied Statistics II (4 cr). Prerequisite STAT 4051 and (STAT 4102 or STAT 5102)

STAT 4101/2 - Mathematical Statistics OR STAT 5101/2 Mathematical Statistics (8 cr). Prerequisite two semesters of calculus for 4101; multivariable calculus for 5101

STAT 4893W - Communication for Statisticians (3 cr). Prerequisite senor status in Stat


A total of 11 credits of coursework is required. At least 5 credits should be from the below courses. The remaining 6 credits may include Freshman Seminars (STAT 19XX) & Honors Seminars (HSEM) taught by School of Statistics faculty. With approval from the undergraduate adviser, up to 6 credits may be in an area where statistical methods are often applied, including but not limited to biostatistics, psychology, sociology, economics, geography or computer science at the 4XXX or 5XXX level.

Students should take:

(Take totaling 5 or more credit(s): STAT 3501, STAT 5031, STAT 5201, STAT 5401, STAT 5421, STAT 5511, STAT 5601, STAT 5931, STAT 5932 )