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Minor Requirements

Statistics is concerned with theories and methods of data collection, tabulation, analysis, and interpretation, and their use in learning from data and making decisions.

Minor Courses

  • 14 credits(s) in STAT courses

  • At least 8 cr must be at the 4xxx or 5xxx level

  • At most one of STAT 3022 or 3032 may be included

  • At most one of (STAT 4101-4102, STAT 5101-5102 or MATH 5651- STAT 5102) may be included.

  • STAT 1001, 3011, 3021, 5021 may not be included in the minor. Students who declared their minor prior to Fall 2015 may include one of STAT 3011 or STAT 3021.

  • Any freshman seminars or honors seminars offered by Statistics faculty may be included.

For students who declared their minor before the end of Spring semester 2015, one of STAT 3011, STAT 3021 or STAT 5021 may be included.

For more detail consult the Undergraduate Catalog or email